on Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Workshop on suistanable approaches to Cassava and sweet potato in East Africa stated on 22nd July - 24 July, 2013 at Imperial beach resort hotel entebbe in Uganda, the main purpose of this meeting is to increase the understanding of needs and opportunities to address the threats farmers from Cassava and sweet potato viruses, identify what resources are already available, where there are gaps, and how we can work together more effectively to support current and future efforts delivering virus - free planting material to farmers,at the end of this meeting the feedback on standard protocols for quality assurance of both cassava and sweet potato will be provided.
Participants who attended Workshop on sustainable approach to Cassava and sweet
potato in East Africa pose for a group photo.
Bosola Oladeinde from Gates Foundation hold a mic to Dr. Titus Alicai Uganda country
team leader(Cassava Diagnostics Project) during a discussion.
Dr Joseph Ndunguru busy drawing a plan for a discussion.
Dr. Titus Alicai(centre standing) explaining to his group, this was during the workshop
Dr. kiddo mtunda from Department of Research and Development - Tanzania, sharing ideas
on her left is Geofrey Arinaitwe from Biocrops Uganda. James Legg from IITA - Tanzania and 

Dr. Regina Kapinga from Gates Foundation.
Dr. Katherine kahn Senior Programme Officer Agricultural Development from
Gates Foundation dividing groups for discussion.
Robert Mwanga from International potato Center in Uganda explaining on sustainable
approaches to Cassava and sweet potato.
Dr. Justin Pita from Pennsylvania state university(centre) explaining on his group
during a workshop.
Bosola Oladainde from Gates foundation (centre),on her right is Jeanne Bridgman program me
assistant from Gates foundation, left is James Legg from IITA - Tanzania and Joseph Ngura from
Dr. Regina Kapinga from BMGF (right), Gorettie Ssemakula (NaCRRI), Dr.
Kiddo Mtunda(DRD - Tanzania), Justina Pita (Penn state University) and
Richard Gibson (NRI,UK).
Dr. Joseph Ndunguru explain to his group.


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