on Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Technical backstopping training, the training was on cassava virus disease surveys and diagnostics to kenyan team at Jommo Kenyatta University Nairobi - Kenya, the training was attended by Country team leaders Dr. Elijah Ateka, Research assistant Mr. Mwaura, Technician Timothy Makori, PhD student Martina Kyallo, Msc Student Brenda Muge, MSc Student Daniel Rogers Mukiibi MSc Duke Manani, Research Assistant Geofrey Singombe, Mari was represented by Dr. Fred Tairo and Cyprian Rajabu. The training was conducted by Jommo Kenyata University, Department of Hotculture and started on June 25th - 28th June, 2013, under Disease diagnostics for sustainable productivity of cassava in east Africa funded by Bill and Melinda Gates and Department for International Development (DFID).
Jommo Kenyata Laboratory, used for Cassava Diagnostic partly funded by the Cassava
diagnostic Project Phase 1.
Dr. Elijah Ateka Kenya country team leader instructing Msc student Mr. Duke Manani how to use
Aspirator for whitefly collection.
A PhD student Cyprian Rajabu showing Research Assistant on how to properly
handle the pipette during RNA extraction.
Dr. Tairo supervising Technical Mr. Timothy on how to collect Cassava Mosaic
Disease, this was taken seventy day during field visit training in Machakosi
Dr. Tairo instruct on how to pack field samples before shipment to central
lab for analysis.
Dr.Elijah Aateka giving background on Cassava Mosaic Disease to new recruits during Training Backstopping at Jommo Kenyata University in Nairobi - Kenya.


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