on Monday, June 9, 2014
The cassava disease diagnostics project team members, recently conducted a series of outreach activities and Monitoring and evaluation at Mount makulu central research station in Zambia agricultural research institute. (ZARI).
Project management team listening to Mr. John kimani a director at Arulusa farm in chiwombo district central province in Zambia.
Project management team having a group photo with Kalundu village farmers in Lufunsa district Lusaka province Zambia.

Miriam Goma a research assistant in Zambia interviewing Kalundu village farmers, this was during the M& E and outreach activities.
Mathew Matimelo assistant country team leader in Zambia explain to kalundu farmers how to manage the Cassava brown streak disease.

Country team leader Dr. Patrick Chikoti (Zambia) explaining to farmers how to observe the infected cassava leaf, looking on (blue shirt) is Dr. Joseph Ndunguru coordinator of the project.
Kalundu farmers listening to Dr. Patrick Chikoti country team leader (Zambia).

Project management team having a discussion with a director of Zambia agricultural research institute (ZARI).
Dr. Richard Chanda Principal seeds officer at seed control & certification institute in Chilanga - Zambia (SCCI) showing project management team  a genetic analyzer, this was during the M&E activities
Dr. Richard Chanda welcome the project management team to his office in Chilanga - Zambia
Dr. Peter Sseruwagi introducing the project management team to Dr. Richard Chanda a principal seeds officer (SCCI).
ZARI staff listening to project ccordinator.
Staff at Zambia Agricultural Research Institute (ZARI) listening to Project coordinator Dr. Joseph Ndunguru, this was during the M& E activities.


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