on Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Monthly tea gathering at Mikocheni Agricultural research institute was opened by Officer Incharge Dr. Joseph Ndunguru, where he welcomed the new staff, giving out publication awards to researchers and giving out t -shirt to students who have been in field attachment from Oulu University department of Applied Science in Finland, monthly gathering this is a way of putting together workers and explain their achievement.
A group Photo of MARI staff
Dr .Joseph Ndunguru (Left) pose for a photo with students from Oulu University, right is Dr. Fred Tairo.
Dr. Ndunguru giving Tanzania Directory Book to Student from Oulu University(FINLAND).
Dr. Ndunguru showing students from Oulu University (FINLAND) a Tanzania Directory Book.
Dr. Ndunguru giving out a t - shirt to Matts Varis student from Oulu University in Finland.
Ulpu Pyy receiving a T- shirt from Officer In charge Dr. Joseph Ndunguru.
Mika Pitkanen shake hands with Officer Incharge Dr. Joseph Ndunguru.
Niko Tapionkaski receiving a T- Shirt from Officer Incharge Dr. Joseph Ndunguru.
Raimo Prakkari shake hands with Officer Incharge Dr. Joseph Ndunguru.

Dr. Matelu Receiving a Publication Award from Officer Incharge Dr. Joseph Ndunguru.
Its time for Break fast looking on is Deogratius.
Beatrice Chalamila a Principal Agricultural Officer Sharing a moment with staff.
Emmanuel Msangi having a happy moment, this was during a Break fast gathering.
Dr. Linus Masumbuko having a breakfast with other colleagues.

Dr. Peter Serruwagi line up for a Breakfast on his left is Maliha Saggaf.
Its time for tea, Officer Incharge Dr. Joseph Ndunguru is having a tea.
Staff line up for a Breakfast.
Staff Line up for Breakfast.


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